Dear Trump

The following post is part of my ongoing series of letters sent to The White House via lovingly reproduced here, each one in its entirety.  I encourage you all to send your own thoughts. Here were mine that day…


January 26, 2017


I know you think things are going great for you, but buddy, you’re off to a pretty awful start. And frankly it’s not one that I think you are capable of turning around. I’m not sure that you fully understand that this is real life now, not your imaginary one. I urge you to seek some professional medical help and get into some kind of treatment center for narcissists.

And I’m afraid that your choice of surrounding yourself with so many like-minded sociopaths may not go so well as you had hoped.

You may want to try to limit your exposure to those people for a while, at least until you are feeling strong enough mentally to rebuild your life.

Anyway, take care of yourself and try to take the first step of recovery by resigning soon. After all, what’s more important: your mental health or ruining the country for generations of Americans? Think about it.

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