Where the Review is Better than the Game

Meet Rob Pearson, intrepid reviewer, gaming’s balding, impossibly gangly, “everyman”  – and quite possibly the funniest man alive. Or at least, the funniest man in the world of game reviews.

rob_pearson_funnyAs the face of the PlayStation Access channel on YouTube, Rob’s weekly commentary regularly presents the most annoying, most frustrating, funniest, hardest, any-thingiest collection of gaming moments ever, interspersed with his witty commentary and inevitable misadventure.

Add in the occasional tormenting of his hapless co-reviewer Dave and it’s gaming comedy gold.

Although Rob’s format limits his perspective to console gaming and the PlayStation console at that, I don’t hold that against him. Since gaming is mostly a shared experience, there’s not a lot unique to a given platform that doesn’t transfer readily to others.

So when Rob gamely tries to make his way through an insanely difficult, impossible-to-win boss fight for the hundredth time, only to end up killing himself accidentally and spectacularly, I still roar with laughter, brush away a tear and say,

“Oh Rob, you stupid git, I did the same thing last week. I hate that game.”

Here then are some of Rob’s most entertaining moments:

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