Thunder on the Mountain

A report released Monday uncovers what The New Yorker’s Adam Davidson calls “Donald Trump’s Worst Deal”, an account of how Donald Trump sold his name to a man widely known as the most corrupt official in Azerbaijan, a tiny country on the Caspian Sea, nestled between the borders of Russia and Iran. In his article, Davidson provides details of the deal overseen by Ivanka Trump to transform an undeveloped property from empty husk to luxury hotel crowned by the Trump name – and inexplicably located in the absolute middle of nowhere.

Trump Deal NY

Trump’s business partners in this venture? The family of ultra-corrupt Minister of Transportation, Ziya Mammadov, who became a billionaire as a government official with a yearly salary of $12,000. According to documents provided by the Trump Organization, Trump licensed the use of his name for around $5 million, money that may well have been provided through funds laundered by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, a group condemned by the Trump Administration as a terrorist organization and whose ties to the Mammadovs had been under scrutiny for some time.

When asked about whether Trump may have knowingly entered into a business deal with a foreign national widely known for his corruption and contacts to Iran, Trump Organization contacts told Davidson:

“We did deals like that anytime we could – as long as there was a check attached.”

And what makes this even more interesting is the timing of the release of The New Yorker story, coincidentally the same weekend that Trump launched into an incendiary series of tweets seemingly out of left-field accusing former President Obama of tapping his phones.

Tracking Donald’s tweets on 3/6 shows a now familiar pattern: 6 tweets all suddenly uncharacteristically ordinary.

Trumpometer 3_6

Given that Trump would have undoubtedly been told exactly when the article was going to be released, is the odd, unsubstantiated attack on Obama merely cover to draw attention away from the New Yorker report?

Are monies from this deal identified in the tax returns that Trump refuses to disclose?

And is Trump trying to protect himself from exposure or is he instead trying to protect his daughter Ivanka who was overseeing the deal – and could quite possibly be in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?

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